Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya
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List of the Synopsis of Ph.D scholar & Research project



Ph.D. Topics


1      Dr. Yasmeen Khan (Yr. : 2017-18 (RachanaSharir)

Topic :Evalvation of effect of TantrikaSharira (Shat chakra) with special reference to Manipur chakra stimulation on Glycenic control in diabetes mellitus patients as  compared to mindfulness meditation therapy : A Randomized controlled trial


          2.   Dr. Chandrakant Arun Dhanokar M.S. (Shalya)

Ph.D. Scholar 2016-17

Topic : Efficacy of stulgtinasaprakvati in the management of postoperative painin surgeries of inguinal & scrotal region- A Randomised controlled trial


3.    Dr. Suresh Shivajirao Podhade (Shalyatantra ) 2016-17

Ph.D. Scholar

Topic : Study the efficacy of cavterization with electrocavtery’ as Agnikarma in the management of special Agnikarmasadhyavyadies; Randomixed controlled clinical study.


4.    Dr. Shilpa A. Varade (RachanaSharir)

Ph.D. Scholar

Topic : Randomized clinical trial of the Histological effect of Tilkalka&madhupichu in Garbhashayagrivamukhagatvrana (cervical erosion)


5.    Dr. Atul Jain (RachanaSharir)

Ph.D. Scholar (2017-18)

Topic : An observational study of Radiological findings greevakasheruka in mobile & computers users with special referece to cervical spondylitis.


6.    Dr. NileshMahakal (Rasashastra- 2016-17)

Ph.D. Scholar Topic : Comparative study of Antidiabetic activity of beejaka (PterocarpousmarcupiunRoxb), &Beejaka along with Rasasindura in streptoazotocin induced diabetic rats


7.    Dr. Dnyaneshwar Dhondbarao Bhise

Ph.D. Scholor (Rasashastra)

Topic : Comparative pharmaceutico-analytical study of LautaAyaskriti&Lavtabhasma


Research project


8.    Dr. Sachin S. Chandaliya (Panchakarma)

Long term Research Porject to be submitted to MUHS

Topic : An observational study on temperature variations of nirotaBastidravya in relation to their pratyagumakala w.s.r.t. Dashamool yoga Basti in Sandhigatavata.


9.    Dr. GayatriVyas

(Short term project under MUHS)

Samhita Dept.

Topic : An observational study- Practical approach of Dinacharya mentioned in Ashtangtridaya for B.A.M.S.
(1st yr.) students.