Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya
Hanuman Nagar, Dhanvantari Road, Nagpur

Kaumarbhrutya (Balrog)

Balroga is the important department with well established OPD and IPD. Ayurveda recommends some special treatment for curing some typical diseases of children. Panchakarm like Vamana, Virechana, Pichu, Shirodhara, Pind Sweda, Snehana are provided to infants, kids and children. Mentally retarded children are provided with such type of treatment. Swarnaprashan camps are organized in every month on Pushya Nakshatra. Excellent results are obtained from this therapy. Health checkup, breast feeding practices, vaccination programmes are arranged every month. All facilities regarding practical, clinical and teaching purposes are available. In addition to all above routine activities, department also organized two more projects for overall development of child as such: i) Swarna-prashan ii) Speech therapy and behavioral therapy. 

Swarna-prashan - Swarna prashan doses will be given to child on every pushanakshtra of every month. This will helps in overall development of child health. The no. of beneficiary increases every month which reaches to no. of nearly 1000 children. Up till now, nearly 6500 children had been benefited.

Speech Therapy - Department of Balrog has also started speech therapy unit in month of June-2014 for the children those who are suffering due to developmental delay or any other reasons. Department has also started Behavioral therapy treatment. Children may have some sort of problem due to adolescence stage or any other reason have been treated and proper counseling is done.

Swastha Rakshan OPD is running in collaboration with Rasa-shastra, Dralyaguna, Swastha vritta, Agadtantra and Samhita dept. Senior Doctors of the dept provide their services. In this OPD various schemes are implemented. Guidelines are given for prevention from diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, HIV, TB and to promote and enjoy healthy life style. Consultation and medical treatment to needy and ill peoples are provided.