Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya
Hanuman Nagar, Dhanvantari Road, Nagpur


Shalakya Tantra department – Shalakya Tantra has well established and well equipped OPD and IPD. Netrarog (Ophthalm), ENT and Dental specialties are available. Operations of Cataract, Conjunctival Autograph, DCT, DSR etc are performed in Operation Theater. Computerized eye testing facility is available in Ophthalm OPD. Regular eye check-up camps are organized for prevention of blindness. Dental and ENT departments are well established and perform different type of surgeries.

Facilities in Shalakyatantra


1) Well equipped Netraroga OPD unit with auto-keratometer, slit lamp, chair car unit.

2) Netraroga kriyakalpa’s-Netratarpan, Aschotana, Anjana, Bidalak, Karma’s are done at OPD & IPD level.

3) Well equipped opthalmic operation theatre.

4) Operations performed are cataract surgeries-Small incision cataract surgeries  intra occular lens implantation (SICS C I OL)

ENT - Conjuctial autograft, DCT, DCR, etc.

Well equipped ENT OPD Unit. Nasya, Ksharkarm, Dhupan Karnpurn etc done at OPD & IPD level Tonsillectomy polypectomy, tympanoplasty etc are also done in ENT unit.

Dental Section

Well equipped dental OPD section All type of dental procedure like ultrasonic scalling removable denture, ceramic croon metals crown Tooth erituaction, orthodontic treatment disimpactonet are done, in dental Unit.

All these procedures are done at minimum cost.