Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya
Hanuman Nagar, Dhanvantari Road, Nagpur


Kayachikitsa Dept. Kayachiktsa - Kayachikitsa is the subject  taught in final BAMS. It is the important basic critical subject of Ayurveda. This department is essentially consent with education, research, and patient care in the area of Ayurvedic  Internal Medicine & its clinical speciality. Our Department conduct various seminars, clinical discussion and other academic sessions regularly. By conduction both intellectual and practical interation with house physician. Our student are ready to accept challenges in emergency condition. Type of Patient in IPD & OPD – Pakshaghat, Jalodar, Gridharari, Vatrakta, Aamvat, Sandhigatvat, Medorog, Twakgat Vikar. Department takes efforts to prepare best clinicians, academicians, and social awareness in life. We have awarded MD Kayachikitsa degrees so far. Department is interested in conducting research in providing cure and care for chronic disease with the help of Ayurveda. Department takes part in various health checkup camps organized by institution. Camps are also organized at Rural areas. Department promotes P.G.Scholars to in clinical research work. Our Hospital known as Lakwa hospital in Nagpur as well as Vidarbha.

There are three saction post for PhD for the year of 2016-17