Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya
Hanuman Nagar, Dhanvantari Road, Nagpur


Swasthavritta is the branch of Ayurveda , that deals with prevention of diseases through healthy food and healthy life style.  This department believes that health status depends on 4 levels – physical, mental, social and spiritual. Physical & Mental Health depends on Dinacharya (daily regimen), Rutucharya (seasonal regimen). Social Health includes cure from epidemic diseases and occupational hazards. Spiritual Health is obtained by creating awareness for better health by organizing camps and Yoga programmes for the society. Social awareness is attained by teaching and practical training to the students.

The purview of this department includes the activities like community health, surveys, health camps in the village areas, health promotion and prevention of the diseases. We have a qualified teaching staff for department having approved P.G. Guideship. About 32 M.D (Ay) scholars have been produced by the department.

Department actively participates in National Health Programmes & Social activities related to Health. Guest Lectures of eminent speakers from Ayurveda & also modern sciences are arranged.

Ayurvedic diet and yoga advice is also provided to OPD as well as IPD patients.